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Current offers:

1. Sales representatives of StratumBlue Token - reference number 02082020
Stratum is an international company, operating in America, Europe and Asia, in the cryptocurrency sector, which promotes its innovative product - the diversified crypto-basket product - StratumBlue Token.
Stratum is looking for self-motivated people to be sales representatives, to serve existing and to find new investors for the mentioned Token. The remuneration is 2.4% of all attracted investments. The company does NOT work in a pyramid structure!
The company offers a civil contract, not tied to a place of work or working hours.
Applicants should speak good English, have a very good knowledge of finance, cryptocurrencies and investment. Send your CV to [email protected] or to [email protected] with reference text "02082020".
2. Workers for the Czech Republic - reference number 01082020
ATOR Ltd. recruits candidates for installation of household appliances on a production line. Employers' websites:,
Permanent employment contract with remuneration 20,470.00 CZK / month!
Important! -Workers from abroad cannot be employed in the Czech Republic if they do not receive at least € 770 per month (after payment of all deductions and expenses) on their account.
The minimum guaranteed salary under an employment contract includes the basic salary, attendance bonus and efficiency bonus. It does not include the supplements to the salary for overtime work and national holiday and the bonuses for collective performance.
Accommodation near the workplace.
To apply, send your CV to [email protected] with the subject line "01082020".
 ATOR EOOD- UIC: 202103296, license for intermediary activity: 1639 dated 29.10.2013.



ATOR Ltd. is a recruitment agency with a latest license №1639/29.10.2013.

Human resources play a vital role in every organization’s core. Recruitment of the right people for your team equals success and efficiency.  That’s why our recruitment specialists analyze and identify the exact profile you need and meet you with the best match for your team.

We believe that not only experience, qualification and test results are success indicators in a recruitment project. Individual’s personality profile and their motivation for the particular organization are always considered equally important by our Recruitment team.

ATOR Ltd. specializes in providing qualified workers for railroad construction- building, electrifying and maintenance. Our company has been supplying highly qualified specialists to one of the biggest infrastructure companies in the world- ALSTOM TRANSPORT, as well as to other top-class companies. The projects that ATOR Ltd. provided workers for, include:


2002 – 2003    CTRL / Channel Tunnel Rail Link / Project  -  / London – Bruxelles / Paris / - UK - Principal contractor Amec – Spie / France-UK /

2002 – 2004    Highspeed Line Electrification    Madrid – Barcelona – Spain / 400km / - Principal contractor  Dragados – Spain

2003 – 2005    SWIM Railway Electrification Project / Manchester – Crewe / - UK /80km/ - Principal contractor Amec – Spie / Fr-UK /  

2004 – 2006    CTRL / Channel Tunnel Rail Link / Project  -  / London – Bruxelles / Paris / - UK - Principal contractor ACT /Alstom - Carillion / France-UK /

2005 – 2010    OLE Campaign Changes - East Coast Main Line - UK - Principal contractor Network Rail / UK /

2008 – 2010    SKA - Kiato & ASR  Railway Electrification Projects  -  / Athens-Corinth / - Greece / 120km / - Principal contractor Alstom Greece

2011 – 2014    Caransebes  Railway Electrification Project  -  Romania - Principal contractor Alstom Romania

2012 – 2014    Arad  Railway Electrification Project / Transilvania / -  Romania /150km/ - Principal contractor Alstom Romania

2014 - Ongoing   Crossrail West Outer Electrification Project /Reading- London UK 150km./ - Principal contractor Balfour Beatty Rail UK



ATOR Ltd. conducts extensive training and language courses for specialists who already possess the required experience and qualification. The candidates are carefully screened by top-level engineers in the field of railroad construction and project management.


Our growing database and experience enables us to provide skilled experts from different areas to become part of your team and contribute to your organization with limited integration period.

On the basis of a long and successful cooperation with ATOR Ltd. on conventional search, our clients assign us even their most challenging positions in order to face the scarcity on the market for a very specific skill-set or rare professional background. We have been filling innovative business roles, such as Team Leaders of OLE Teams, Linesmen in OLE teams, etc.  


Aleksey Iliev- Chief of Screening and Training Team – Curriculum Vitae


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