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ATOR Ltd. provides legal advice through the law firm of Svetlan Iliev at  

Civil law

· Legal consultations on civil law issues;

· Subscription legal services;

· Preparation of declarations, powers of attorney, certificates, notarial invitations and assistance to a notary;

· Preparation of all types of transactions and contracts, including notarial deeds;

Commercial and company law

· Transactions with commercial enterprises;

· Preparation of contracts under the Commercial Law and legal consultations on commercial transactions;

· Preparation of tender documentation;

To get legal advice online, you need to do the following:

1. In the form below, describe the legal problem, question, case in as much detail as possible;

2. Fill in the form and the data related to you, necessary for the implementation of the feedback with you;

3. In law, very often circumstances that are seemingly insignificant and incidental turn out to be decisive. You cannot and will not know what these circumstances are in order to describe them in the conditions set by you, unless you have legal training. For this reason, we will additionally and obligatorily contact you at the given e-mail address to clarify the disputed issues. At the same time we will inform you about the price of the consultation and will offer you payment options.

       a) When requesting payment via the Virtual POS Terminal provided on this site, you will receive a link through which to complete the transaction. You should not make any payments without the link mentioned above.

4. The term we give to our virtual clients for a fully ready consultation is from 2 to 8 days, as of the request, depending on the complexity of the question. Requests are executed in two languages: English or Bulgarian. The consultations we prepare are in writing, between 2 and 22 pages in Times New Roman style, size 12.

5. Payment of the price of the service can be made:

By bank transfer


You can transfer the amount due to the following bank account:

holder: "ATOR" EOOD

IBAN: BG34RZBB91551002966850, BIC: RZBBBGSF

Bank: Raiffeisen Bank, Plovdiv branch


Through PayPal

Legal Services


The consultation is provided in writing to the e-mail specified by you within a pre-agreed period from the day of confirmation of payment.

Via POS Terminal: (coming soon)

Fill in the form in Cyrillic if possible.

Click HERE, to fill in the contact details for you and your question.

The prices for the provided legal aid are determined according to the legal and factual complexity of each individual case. For your better information and orientation on this page we apply a guide


1. For oral consultation - 60 Euro / hour;

2. For written consultation - 60 Euro / hour;

3. For notarial invitations - 60 Euro / hour;

4. For preparation of papers for notarial entry, for application for forgiveness of amounts due and for other applications - 60 Euro / hour;

5. For drawing up a will - 40 Euro / hour;

6. For drawing up a written contract, for notarial deeds for ownership, sale, exchange, donation, mortgage, superficies and easements, of an out-of-court settlement, as well as for performing and drawing up a deed of circumstantial inspection - based on the actual price of the respective contract or act:

         a) in case of interest up to BGN 1,000 - BGN 50;

         b) in case of interest from BGN 1,000 to 10,000 - BGN 150 + 1.5% for the excess over BGN 1,000;

      c) in case of interest from BGN 10,000 to BGN 50,000 - BGN 285 + 1% for the excess over BGN 10,000;

      d) in case of interest from BGN 50,000 to BGN 100,000 - BGN 685 + 0.5% for the excess over BGN 50,000;

     e) in case of interest from BGN 100,000 to BGN 500,000 - BGN 935 + 0.3% for the excess over BGN 100,000;

     f) in case of interest over BGN 500,000 - BGN 2,135 + 0.1% for the excess over BGN 500,000.

        7. For drawing up a written contract without a certain material interest - 60 Euro / hour;

        8. For urgency and for providing legal assistance outside working hours, the remuneration shall be increased by 50%.

        9. For the cases not provided for in this Tariff, the remuneration shall be determined by analogy.

The indicated prices do not include VAT.


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