Preparation and Management of EU Projects


Developing Projects

The project is a request for a full grant or co-funding of activities planned by your organization. "ATOR" Ltd. specializes in developing investment projects in the following areas:

Renewable energy sources:

Grants for investment in renewable energy accounts for a high percentage of the total EU grants given. Priority to this sector is given due to the growing concern of global warming and the principal purpose of protecting the natural environment through the efficient use of the energy potential of the sun.

Why this business is attractive?


Perhaps because it provides measures to encourage some similar initiatives:

• Legally guaranteed feed-in tariffs for electricity produced from renewable energy sources;

• Long-term, guarantees by law, to purchase of electricity from renewable energy sources;

• Preferential treatment for the use of municipal and state land for renewable power plants;

• Additional financial incentives for the production of clean electricity (green certificates, etc..)

Project Management

Given our long-term practice, the main challenge for customers seeking finance is winning the draft from the Contracting Authority, while "Project management" is seen as a given and something that requires no effort and is understood by itself.

It is important to clarify what is meant by successful management of project activities. The actual management involves many complex factors:

• Weather Project

It is mandatory to provide the time necessary for the implementation of each activity, lest it prove impossible.

• The cost of the project

It is imperative to do an extensive market research towards various budget items assets, materials, supplies, according to real market prices.

• Quality of project

Once properly set quality indicators ensure there is value added, which is a requirement for real-time transfer of grants won.

• Human resources in the project

The successful management of already approved projects require the possession of the necessary complex skills: technical, behavioral and contextual and situational skills. The human factor is the most important in the management of the project and brings it to a successful conclusion. This requires that the management team has proven experience in the field for which funding is being sought, which gives more points in the evaluation of the proposal.

• Communication in the project

The modern concept of teamwork is a condition without which the implementation of the necessary activities is threatened. One man, however great capacity one can have, cannot cope alone with the whole organization and coordination of activities.



Consultation with us

First, we ask that you pay special attention to the field of e-mail address and telephone number, as it is through it we will make contact.


As we try to fulfil online advice requests as soon as possible, we will get back to you soon via e-mail or telephone with additional information if required. Often, with subsidies from various organizations there are circumstances that are seemingly insignificant and prove to be decisive. Therefore, usually, we will set an e-mail address to discuss the issues. Simultaneously, we will announce the price of the consultation and offer payment options.

The time period that we give to our clients for a complete virtual consultation is from 3 hours to 3 days depending on the complexity of the question. Consultations in writing take between 1 and 10 pages-style Times New Roman, size 12. The cost of the online consultation varies depending on the time needed and the resources that it would require for us. For us it is important that you decide for yourselves whether to use our services, so we will announce in advance what will be the cost of the online consultation. The minimum price of the written consultation is 50 euros. To get online consultation should, please fill in the following form.



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